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Fomu ya Kujiunga IIIA 2013

Application Form for Diploma 2013

Application Form for English Medium 2013

The College is organized in three courses. The courses are:-
1. Certificate in Primary Teachers’ Education Grade IIIA including the following subjects: Professional subjects (Education); History; Geography; Civics; English Language; Kiswahili; Technology, Information and Communication; Personality Development and Sports; Mathematics; Science; and Social Skills as compulsory subjects; while Communication Skills; ICT; French; and Illustrations and Technology are optional subjects.

2. The second course is Diploma in Secondary Education which offers Geography; History; Civics; and Kiswahili which their curricula include Academic and Pedagogy and is also compulsory to the student teacher opting any of the subjects in his/her teaching career. Also, in Diploma course the following subjects are compulsory- Communication Skills; Educational Psychology; Foundations of Education; Educational Research; Evaluation and Measurements; Curriculum and Teaching; and Development Studies; while ICT and Religion are optional subjects.

3. The third course is Private Candidates (P.C) sitting for form four National Examinations. The subjects offered in this course are: Civics; History; Geography; Mathematics; Biology; Kiswahili; English Language; Literature in English; and Bible Knowledge. However, the students taking this course are supposed to select seven (7) subjects out of the above listed subjects.

The College has a total number of 800 students as in March, 2012

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