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A.T.C Facilities
The facilities of Arusha Teachers’ College include administration block, classrooms, hostels, library, computer room, hall, kitchen, toilets, laboratory, electricity, water, transport, etc.

The College Vision
The College intends to prepare tutees (the would be Primary and Secondary School teachers) to become teachers with knowledge, skills and values who will understand and be able to teach students of the nation of Tanzania, and somewhere else.

The College Mission
The College intends to ensure tutees are empowered to think and become inquisitive so that they get knowledge, skills and values which will enable them to teach different subjects in different classes efficiently and effectively.

The ATC Objectives
1. To encourage, support and enable student teachers to become professional teachers through excellent instructions, assessment and evaluation,
2. To help all student teachers to exploit maximally their talents and abilities and reach self- actualization in education.
3. To enable a stimulating, positive and tolerant culture of learning.
4. To create a safe, clean, healthy, caring and inviting learning environment.

ATC Wings

The Arusha Teacher’s College (ATC) has established Charity High School campus for a sister school called Charity High School at the premises which used to be Naasha Junoir Academy. The first form five class will officially start in March 2013.
The operations of the Charity High School in March 2013 intended to begin with 90 students majoring in Arts subjects combination. Specific subjects will be History, Geography, English Language, Kiswahili, Economics and French in appropriate subjects combinations as HGE, HGK, HGL, HKL and KLF.
General studies is a compulsory subsidiary subject and Information Communication  and Technology (ICT) will be offered as an added advantage.
Charity High School will in future expand its operations by adding components of science and commercial studies.
Hence, Charity High School will have to go through three phases during its establishment that is Arts, Science and Commercial studies. Arts subjects will begin in March 2013.

Student Teacher's Comments
I am Peter William, a Primary School Teacher in Shinyanga region who was trained as a teacher at Arusha Teachers’ College. I head about this College when I was looking for a College for teaching profession and I joined it in July, 2007 and completed the course in May, 2009. During my study, I enjoyed the assistance and care from professional and well equipped academic tutors and non – teaching personnel under the umbrella of good administration of the College.
Really, the good organization of Arusha Teachers’ College including teaching and non – teaching staff has made my life and the life of my colleagues whom we graduated together and now working as teachers in different primary schools in various regions in Tanzania to be wonderful. Arusha Teachers’ College teaches, cares and it is for Professional Excellence.
I am Sarah Daniel, a young lady who graduated at Arusha Teachers’ College in May, 2009, after completing a two years course in Grade IIIA Teacher Certificate Education. I decided to undertake my study in teaching profession in this College because I head of it, about qualified academically and professional tutors, good and caring administration and other personnel of the college. The ‘Motto’ of the college is to create professional excellence where day after day the college environment was made conducive for learning so that the student teachers met the intended goal.
My Colleagues and I expect to use our teaching profession efficiently and effectively as we used to sing in the College anthem during the college assembly on Mondays and Friday morning in order to honor the college for producing us as teachers. ‘Bravo’ Arusha Teachers’ College.

ATC Calendar
The College Calendar begins in July and ends in June every year. However, the Calendar is divided into two terms – July to November, and January to May each year. The Calendar include: academic operations, management operations and staff meetings.

ATC Academics
The ATC academics include: Grade IIIA Teachers’ Education Course and Diploma in Education course for two years; and Private Candidates sitting for National Form Four Examinations in each year.

Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction for Grade IIIA Teachers Education is Kiswahili and English is taught as a subject. Diploma in Education for Secondary School is taught in English language and Kiswahili is taught as a subject. The medium of instruction for Private Candidates, like any other secondary school in Tanzania is English language, and Kiswahili is taught as a subject.
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